Now Boarding…

This website is dedicated to a project which endeavours to uncover and contemplate memories lost under Francoism. It centres upon the forthcoming publication of the text Un barco cargado de…, ‘A Boat Laden With…’, edited by Mónica Jato and published by Editorial Renacimiento. The text comprises a series of articles by the Basque author Cecilia G. de Guilarte originally written in 1972 upon her return to Spain from exile, for publication in the paper La voz de España, ‘The Voice of Spain’. The underlying politics of the text, however, meant that publication was soon ceased, after only the first articles. The publication of this text represents an important symbolic step as it is a means of bringing home these articles and memories of Guilarte, and thereby the writer herself. In this respect, this text not only provides a re-remembering of Guilarte’s past, but of a whole series of memory, lost on account of a politics of amnesia.

We will be presenting this text in various places in Spain and the UK and blogging about our experiences on board this boat laden with memories. It is hoped that these presentations will instigate a conversation  about the significance of the past within the present.

This website aims to be available in both Castilian Spanish and English; to follow the blog click on the link ‘el blog abordo / the blog onboard’. If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with us please leave a comment or, alternatively, send us an email to The edition of ‘A Boat Laden With…’ is now available in Spanish from Editorial Renacimiento.



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